“One move can

set a whole

generation free“




Intercultural Understanding


Ballet is an artistic stage dance. In ballet, a story without language is played through artistic dance. Ballet dancers usually dance on toes and have good body control.

African Dance

African dance generally consists of several different dances in Africa. The dances are usually accompanied by drums. The dances are so similar that they are almost indistinguishable. In the dance high jumps with both legs, hard sounds produced by the feet, movements of the legs and arms and strong movements of the pelvis are in the foreground.


The hula is a local dance, a way of telling a story. The dance is accompanied by a chant, in Hawaiian „Mele“. During the dance you move your hips smoothly to the right and left. You have to have a certain looseness in your hips and feet to form the perfect wave with your body.

Irish dance

There are different variations of Irish dance. For example the tap dance, which is probably the best known of all. Here it depends very much on the footwork of the dancer. The arms and the upper body are not moved. The dance is danced by women and men, whereby light and hard shoes are used. The dance is very rhythmic and there are different kinds of tap dancing.

Toni’s Dance

Dance is the transformation of inspiration into movement. Dancing is a ritual, a custom, a performing art form, a profession, a sport, a form of therapy, a form of social interaction or simply an emotional expression. Dance is there to communicate interculturally. Dance is better understood than words.


Flamenco is an art, its own form of expression. It consists of singing, guitar and dance. This art has its own character, tradition, language and norms. The dancers usually wear a beautiful long red dress and high heels.


Toni’s a miffed, clumsy young man.

He lives in a flat-sharing community in Stuttgart. Toni is a student, but doesn’t really know what he is studying.

When he gets up in the morning, the first thing he thinks of is eating. Toni likes to eat for life.

He prefers to wear boxer shorts and a Hoodi. He is always available for fun.

And he is open for new things and loves everyone.

who we are:

Pinar Erzengin:

Pinar Erzengin studies communication design in Stuttgart. Urban Sketching is her favourite activity. Otherwise, she is busy putting a smile on people’s faces.  

Chloé Beamud:

Chloé Beamud studies communication design at the HFK+G in Stuttgart. She loves to design and draw. In her spare time she loves to photograph, preferably people. But she doesn’t like being photographed at all. She originally comes from Luxembourg.


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